What is the Patient and Public Involvement project?

The Patient and Public Involvement project was a working group in PROTECT Benefit-Risk. We were created following a strong interest in patient and public involvement (PPI) from the PROTECT Benefit-Risk case study task forces. Our aim was to develop a toolbox for those who wish to involve patients and the public in medical benefit-risk decision making. Our technical reports can be found in the Links and Glossary - Reports.

Our research focussed on three areas of involving patients and the public: (a) testing formal methods which can be used to value the benefits and risks of medicines, (b) testing out different visual images to see if they are understandable, trustworthy, and useful , and (c) understanding how to communicate the process and results of benefit-risk assessment.

We developed this section of the website to provide information to patients and the public and professionals who are interested and would like to learn more about the benefit-risk assessment of medicines. We would like to thank the following organisations for reviewing the content on this section of the PROTECT benefit-risk website:

  • Association of Community Pharmacists of India
  • Health, Rights and Justice (Salud, Derechos y Justicia A.C.)
  • Moroccan Federation Supporting people with CKD/Organ transplantation - FMAIRTO
  • Associazione Italiana Endometriosi ONLUS
  • Regional Society for Blood Transfusion Kenya (RSBTK)
  • Community Development Alliance (CDA)
  • Fundación Psoriasis de Panamá