Section 18 Tornado plot

Tornado plot
Short name Description
Name/rubric Tornado plot
Created in R .
Message The tornado plot shows how the changes in the natalizumab outcome measure affect the incremental benefit-risk score. It displays the relative importance of criteria via one-way sensitivity analysis of changing a fixed amount of the measured outcomes.
Intended audience Statisticians and regulators. Not for physicians and patients.
Knowledge required Some knowledge on the use of sensitivity analysis and uncertainty. Some understanding of the incremental benefit-risk concept. Some knowledge on how to extract information from tornado diagrams..
Unintentional message The legend of "high-low" is not intuitive and could be misleading..
Message not communicated It is unclear which of the criteria are benefits and which are risks. The colour-coding is not intuitive and difficult to interpret.
Proposed improvement Horizontal axis should be made wider to accommodate benefit-risk values. To re-label legend items to more intuitive terms. The tornado plot could also be accompanied by text annotations to aid interpretation.