A colour-coded map

Reproduced from http://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en/publications/Publications/0909_TER_The_Bacterial_Challenge_Time_to_React.pdf using Tableau Public.

The map shows the proportion of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)frequently responsible for bloodstream infections in EU Member States, Iceland and Norway in 2007. The accompanying bar chart shows trends for 2005-2007 using up arrow (significant increasing trend) and down arrow (significant decreasing trend).The information on physical proximity may not always be useful in general(see Few2009), but it is useful here. This map however do not pinpoint the exact location of an event, which could be misinterpreted. For example, the percentages of 25.1% to 50% on the map may not accurately reflect the rates in the entire Great Britain but may only be dominated by certain regions. However, the use of colours on maps to represent values may reduce the accuracy of the quantitative data (see Cleveland 1984).