Section 5 BRAT master data summary table

Master data summary table (only partly-shown here)
Short name Description
Name/rubric Table as used in BRAT framework (only a part of full table is shown)
Created in Microsoft Word (table facility)
Message To lay out descriptive (or quantitative) information in a grid structure The figure shows a summary of the master data consisting of benefits and risks criteria used, the way they are measured, and their magnitudes from all studies for all drugs being compared.
Intended audience Statistician, regulators and physicians. Not for patients.
Knowledge required Some familiarity with the units of measurements and terminologies used – percentage (%), rate ratio, hazard ratio, value scale. Some medical knowledge on the outcomes and epidemiology of the drug-disease
Unintentional message The table header labelling is confusing, particularly in the sixth column when it is labelled with ¡°Common Placebo¡± but listed natalizumab in subsequent rows in that column. The colour-coding and variation are meaningless since they only represent hierarchy of criteria which does not add value.
Message not communicated NA. Note: This is part of a larger table with risks also defined.
Proposed improvement Colour-coding should be done by row instead of column to be meaningful. Colour-coding by rows imply grouping of benefits and risks criteria therefore making the measurements more easily interpretable.